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What if showing the woman in your life that us guys are not all the same was as easy as doing the simple things that other guys lack the standards to bother with?

In fact, what if dramatically "leveling up" your success with women was really as easy as "1,2,3 ... Look at me - I suddenly have zero competition"?

Well in this post, I intend to prove that becoming the kind of man that women love (and will probably toss their BFF under a bus for) - is as easy as making three simple "shifts" in your current paradigm of relating to women.

So without further ado, here are the 3 simple shifts that will transform the Average Frustrated Chump into the High Value Man That Women Love.


Key #1. Listen to Her By Hearing What is Meant - NOT What is Said:

Please note: When I say "LISTEN", what I really mean is this: Go beyond listening. Go so far as to ask her questions about how the situation she's experiencing makes her feel, and then try to genuinely experience those feelings yourself (this skillset is known as empathy, and it is by far the most underrated and underdeveloped skill set of modern men).

Doing this alone, you'll be giving her what 97% of the other men she's ever known have never been able to.

Because there is absolutely no better way to make a woman feel that you are her rock - her emotional shelter - than showing her that you understand how she feels, that you fully appreciate her feelings as being 100% valid, and - most importantly - that in the midst of her moments of emotional overwhelm ... everything is going to be okay.

At this point, I'm sure you're thinking, "But wait a second Pete - women speak in some bullsh*t code that only other women understand!" And you're right. That's why you need to STOP LISTENING TO WHAT WOMEN SAY.

Do NOT fall into the common trap of being the addicted "rescuer".

She doesn't need "rescuing". What she requires is your presence. Contrary to popular opinion, when a woman vents to you, gets over-emotional, complains about her family, friends or co-workers, she's NOT looking for you to 'FIX her problems'.

If you want to differentiate yourself from 'the lower 97%' - you'll STOP GETTING CAUGHT UP IN THE 'CONTENT' YOU ARE BEING PRESENTED and avoid becoming the stereotypical buffoon who believes his manhood is rooted in fixing problems that don't actually exist.

Now listen closely, because I'm about to give you the single most powerful magic phrase that one can possibly use in a relationship - especially when your partner presents you with a problem or complaint about what's happening in their lives.

The magic phrase is "How Can I Help?"

At this point, a charismatic communicator knows it's time to do two things: 1. Shut up and Listen, and 2. Reply with this second magic phrase: "So if I understand you correctly, you're saying that ..." and simply repeat back the most important parts of what she just shared with you.

The essential elements here are to stay present and communicate to her that you're not just listening, but that what she's saying is actually important to you. No "fixing" or rescuing required.

If you want your woman to feel loved and appreciated (something most men try to buy their way out of), have the emotional intelligence to realize that what she really wants is to be hear and understood - and also to feel safe in the process.

Key #2. Stop Communicating and Start Connecting:

Ask 10 women what's most important to them in a relationship and 9 of them are almost certain to say "communication". Well my friends, if you're smart enough to understand the meaning of being High Value, you'll go beyond the level of "communicating" that lands half of marriages in divorce court and aspire to start connecting, instead.

Connecting? WTF does that even mean?

Here's what it means: It means she feels safe enough to share her most intimate feelings with you without being judged ('Cause guess what guys ... That's what she really wants).

Why don't most women feel comfortable sharing their fears and insecurities or their dreams and ambitions with the man in their life? Simple - because most men idealize and hex their women with ridiculous expectations of how or what she should be, think or do.

If you can give a woman the security and peace of mind of knowing that she can be herself - your equal partner who's allowed to be just as flawed and prone to foolishness as you are, you'll have acheived the level of genuine trust that most couples think is a childish fantasy.

How does a couple build the kind of trust that defines the kind of lasting relationships your grandparents had? Simple - they stop "communicating" and start connecting. And if you happen to be the man in the relationship (and you actually want it to succeed), then it's your responsibility to lead the relationship in this direction.

Key #3. Always Be 100% Honest, Straightforward and Outright With Women:

Here's another tiny shift that yields HUGE results. Most men who are completely clueless about how vastly different women are psychologically and emotionally tend to underestimate them in the worst way possible - with lies, lies and more lies.

In lieu of outright lying, most guys will exaggerate (typically regarding themselves or their accomplishments), minimize (typically regarding their mistakes or personal failures) or - worst of all - they'll cry, bitch, moan, complain, criticize and blame anyone but themselves for anything that goes wrong in their lives (and especially in their relationships).

Want a surefire way to be a desirable woman's clear choice 100% of the time?

Try doing the exact opposite of what most men do: Pretty much anything and everything outside of accepting 100% personal responsibility for EVERYTHING they create or co-create in their lives.

A High Value Woman is never (ever) going to give you the two most important things a man could endeavor to elicit from a her - #1) Her respect, and #2) Her trust - if she senses that you're just another shameless fraud who's looking to derive, extract, take or only give with the expectation of getting in a relationship.

If you want to know why "nice guys finish last", look no further than the low-value and approval-seeking means in which they often relate to women. Lies, hidden agendas and telling women what they want to hear will always land a guy in last place (exactly where he belongs) with the kind of emotionally mature, desirable woman who has far too many options to consider settling.

There's Never a Traffic Jam On The Road Less Traveled

In closing, I'll simply ask that you review the 3 aforementioned qualities that desirable women consistently look for in a quality man and realize that becoming the High Value Man That Women Love is as easy as exploiting the mediocrity of those men who refuse to embrace the masculine responsibility that comes with being an emotionally mature, independent-minded and highly desirable man.

Be sure to share this content with someone you know who deserves to "level up" their success with women, dating and inter-personal relationships, because these three shifts will not only skyrocket your success with women, they'll take you to another level in every area of your life - guaranteed.

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