How To Handle a Bitchy Woman With Class

Are you a pushover? Feel like you need to change before your sex life dies a horrible death?

Well here's how you can exude confidence naturally by being the guy that women WANT. This video is all about what respect means and how to get it.

You know you are allowing someone to infringe on your personal boundary line when you are feeling controlled through manipulation, domination, condemnation, or anger. Rather than your own needs or feelings being considered, these are being discounted and overlooked in favor of another person's wishes. You also may be feeling pressured or rushed into something before you have had a chance to think it through.

Setting boundaries for yourself means that your needs are just as important as another's needs. As you reflect on your own needs or feelings in any given area of your life, you can then speak up in a loving and effective way.

Can you say "Yes" and mean it? Can you also say "No" and make it stick without feeling guilty? 

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Look at it as a process of standing in your own light, not cowering, but prevailing with who you are and without dominating someone else's boundaries.

Maintaining a strong sense of identity and walking in your own shoes, you live in the love awareness that you are the only one who can best represent your unique self on earth.

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