5 Crazy Ways You're Killing Your Charisma

miley cyrus wrecking ball

Charisma. Even after 3 years of researching the topic, I'm still taken aback by just how thoroughly fascinated everyone I meet is about the subject.

And when I let people in on the little-known secret that charisma is actually a set of skills that anyone can learn, that's when they really start to pay attention.

The avalanche of questions that follows usually starts like this: 'So what do I need to start doing to be charismatic?'

Naturally, they're surprised when I tell them that becoming a more charismatic person actually starts with the things they need to stop doing.

In this article, I've outlined out the 5 most common charisma killers I see when working with people who are looking to level up their powers of personal magnetism. You'll learn what behaviors to avoid at all costs, and how doing so can virtually triple your charisma overnight.