The 5 Hottest Women Over 50

michelle pfeiffer
I'll admit it - I've been notorious for dating younger women throughout my entire dating career.

But times change ... and so do people's tastes - especially when it comes to High Value Women - even (much) older ones.

How To Free Yourself From Toxic Emotions

Toxic, turbulent emotions have one cause - not knowing how to deal with pain.

Pain is normal in life, but suffering isn’t. When we don't learn how to deal with pain, we suffer

How To Handle Betrayal From a Friend

betrayed by friendAleah from Lancaster writes:

Dear Pete,

This is a tough one for me to handle, but I trust you'll connect me to the wisdom that will get me through this. I recently moved across the country to Sedona, AZ. to fully follow my passion and purpose but recently found out through a mutual friend that my best friend back in PA has been having an affair with my ex of three years. To be totally honest, this has left me feeling angry and betrayed beyond anything I've ever felt before and it's gotten to the point that I'm OBSESSING about it day and night and it's making me miserable. PLEASE help me get past this.