How To Handle 'Frenemies' in 30 Seconds

jealous girl
Tina from Santa Clara writes:

Dear Pete,

How do I deal with so-called "friends" in my life who I feel are praying for my downfall? As you know I had a big falling out with my boyfriend last weekend, and I really got the feeling that alot of the people who call themselves friends were cheering for our relationship to fail. 

Confident Body Language For Women

body language secrets
Your posture can reveal much about your mood, your attitude, the day you’re having - as well as give hints to others about what you’d like to have happen next.

One of the most common scenarios I deal with in my confidence coaching practice is getting women mentally ready to make a massive impact at an upcoming major event.

And one of the most powerful tools at my disposal when creating the mechanics of confident female body language is always guided visualizations.

Be The High Value Man Women Love

daniel craig
What if showing the woman in your life that us guys are not all the same was as easy as doing the simple things that other guys lack the standards to bother with?

In fact, what if dramatically "leveling up" your success with women was really as easy as "1,2,3 ... Look at me - I suddenly have zero competition"?

Well in this post, I intend to prove that becoming the kind of man that women love (and will probably toss their BFF under a bus for) - is as easy as making three simple "shifts" in your current paradigm of relating to women (As always, I'll send this post to a handful of High Value Women who's opinions I respect and ask them for their feedback on the matter).

So without further ado, here are the 3 simple shifts that will transform the Average Frustrated Chump into the High Value Man That Women Love.