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September 9th 2021 9/9 Portal

BELOVED TRIBE - I regret to inform that I am not well enough to do a livestream tonight. Heavy Ascension Symptoms have made me need to take a much needed break. 

HOWEVER - the awesome energies of the September 9th 9/9 Portal are on the way ... And in this in-depth Energy Update, Kassia from Cosmic Consciousness teaches us how to work with, navigate and maximize the POWERFUL energies of the 9/9 Portal. 

Kassia goes in-depth on what's coming through for us during the 9/9 Energetic Gateway and how we can use it all to our advantage. I've watched this Energy Update 3 times and have gotten something incredible from it every time. 

I hope to be back in action next week. Thank you for all your gracious love and patience. I love you.