The Super Empath

Video Summary By Louise Garner 

1. You are Highly COURAGEOUS as basepoint, will stand up to speak up for others and step up fearlessly into situations whenever necessary. Super Empaths can't help but speak the truth no matter how badly they may be treated when they do so, as they aren't hypersensitive to criticism like narcs. Anyone who gets excited over seeing someone hurt is a unaware covert narc just saying they're a Super Empath.

2.JUSTICE MINDED as you can't tolerate injustice, it sickens you to see any suffering, abuse, smear campaigns, bullying, injustice, disloyalty, etc., in situations and you'll jump in to call out offenders, protect any victims and rebalance the situation. Psychologists have studied the phenomenon of the "bystander effect" and note the majority of people stand back just watching on and don't intervene when they witness an incident or accident thinking someone else wil take control of the situation but the Super Empath can't just stand by hoping someone else will do it, they'll jump right in and take charge of things instinctively to prevent further suffering and do the right thing for the right reasons much like Chief Pete's cousin Susie did by immediately going after the boys bullying him. 

3. HIGHLY PROTECTIVE as you'll see a Super Empath is always the person people feel safe around. They will be the protective alpha in any social group making sure the group's safe, that everyone gets home safely and if anyone's unfairly attacked they'll jump in to defend them. They're highly conscientious and their protective role extends to children, significant others, animals, underdogs or anyone or thing that's weaker or suffering. They'll do things like keep everyone's spare keys just in case of emergency. 

4. LOYAL to a fault and live from a high standard of virtue like Chief Peter protecting the boundaries of our tribe. The problem is that we can be loyal to the wrong person such as Chief Pete did in mistaking covert narc "Shallow Sal" for an empath and these narcs wasting our time, energy, resources and can end up ruining our lives. 

5. GRATEFUL beyond imagination for the smallest acts of kindness and will cherish and remember it forever unlike narcs who are grateful for nothing. We' could count the times anyone's shown us kindness on our fingers before meeting up with our 144k tribe family, it was rare. You can break your back for a narcissist and they won't appreciate it, they'll just expect more and more from you and keep moving the goalposts while they're at it. 

6. DESPISES THE VICTIM MENTALITY and won't ever play the victim. The difference between a professional victim empath and a Super Empath is that the SE has an internal locus of control which means they're in control of their world and have always understood they never were or will be a victim. The problem with the empath label is that many of the traits attached also apply to the covert narc and it therefore requires redefinition. Labels can be limiting and keep us stuck in lower level consciousness so when we know who we are we don't need them. The SE feels others emotions, seeks to prevent suffering, has compassion for others and doesn't have a running pity story or penchant for harming others like the narc or professional victim empath. 

7. TRUTH TELLERS who are honest to a fault which can get us in trouble alot such as Pete's channel getting censored, shadow banned and notifs not going out to subs. While this holds true for the Super Empath it's especially true for the "real" heyoka who simply must tell the truth of things. When you're the risk takers and whistleblowers you need to upskill in tact, discernment and communications and expect to get scapegoated for your honesty both personally and professionally. 

8. HUMAN LIE DETECTORS who intuit the truth in situations and aren't turned by and don't partake in smear campaigns. You'll rarely run your bs past a Super Empath and certainly not a "real heyoka. 

9. LOVE ADDICTS and hopeless romantics who see love as the highest quality value of any Super Empath or Heyoka and love to be in love. Our biggest strength is our biggest weakness in that we still have love for those who don't love us back, backstab us, are disloyal, actively screw us over and couldn't care less about us. The good news is that the virtue of being a love light becomes a Super strength once you're healed, defiantly self loved up, well boundarised, self-validating and well integrated as you stop acting like a junkie in need of a quick fix outsourcing yourself to externals, don't need anything from the world and develop the ability to love, forgive and have compassion for ALL others, especially those who seem unworthy or undeserving of love as you appreciate that they're the ones who need love the most. It's a mark of a Lightworker to love the suffering, undeserving, low consciousness professional victims who can't love us back as we're able to give from the goodness of our hearts without expectation of return as we intuit and deem necessary and appropriate in the moment. 

You'll be invincible when you're capable of interacting with others to perform healing random acts of kindness in a win/win, self validating, disciplined, responsible and impartial manner that uplifts, restores faith, builds self esteem, raises standards, keeps all in higher vibration and pays it forward into the world as you'll reap goodness and abundance when you sow and reward good while ignoring the bad best you can much the same as you'd train your dog or lovingly raise an incorrigible child through your consistently nurturing good example. 

We don't save, fix, rescue or help those capable of helping themselves but proritise self care, compassion and lead by example. They may need us but we don't need them so we don't tolerate disrespect or boundary violations. Marcus Aurelius says it best in stating you should strive to "be tolerant with others and strict with yourself" and "If it's not right, don't do it. If it's not true, don't say it. Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart. 

Confine yourself to the present." As unstoppable 144k Lightworkers we're levelled up, discerning, adaptable and able to navigate to lead the way through darkness into the light for any and all seeking freedom from suffering and oppression. God bless one and all, much love and gratitude for our beautiful 144k tribe family!!