The Super Empath

It's no accident that the Super Empath is always attracting the Covert Narcissist.

This is an unusual pairing to say the least... the quiet, shy, withdrawn, hypersensitive introverted Covert Narcissist - devoid of emotional empathy - and the extroverted, confident, gregarious, socially affluent, loveable, likeable, outgoing, massively compassionate Super Empath.

It's the polarity and co-idealization that happens between these two that brings them together - and while it's the strengths of the Super Empath that draws the Covert Narcissist to them, it's actually the weaknesses of the Covert Narcissist that draw the Super Empath to them.

Let's be honest ... it's not just that we're "narc magnets", it's that we're drawn to and like rescuing victims. 

(That is, we USED to like to rescue these professional victims)

They would give us an epic pity story, and we would walk right into it like fools.


In this video, I also debunk the widespread ignorance around The Empathic Supernova, as well 
clarify the distinction between the Supernova and what Tudor refers to as "The Cliff Fightback". 

Moreover, I decisively declare the single most devastating thing you can do to a Narcissist, while keeping your reputation - and your sanity - intact.

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