Amber Heard Narcissist

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is this:

How do I disarm a narcissist?

In truth, it's shockingly simple.

You disarm a narcissist with ‘The 3 No’s':

No need
— You no longer have any need for the narcissist.
No reaction — You no longer have any reaction to the narcissist.
No contact — You no longer have any desire to contact (or be contacted by) the narcissist.

Let's be honest guys ... 

The only real barrier here is the lack of self love that is keeping you ensnared in this toxic and parasitic entanglement. 

And at any time, you can consciously choose to shut the toxic parasite down.

In the words of H.G. Tudor, you simply G.O.S.O.

You get out. And and stay out.