Amber Heard 2021

A common question I'm asked - having had a long history of attracting (and being attracted to) women with Borderline Personality Disorder - is "What are the most common warning signs of a woman with BPD?"

Here are the 5 most common (and often most hidden) signs that a woman might have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) - a situation that can quickly become disastrous if you happen to have codependent tendencies:

1. You will be immediately idealized and treated like the second coming of Christ. 

2. Forget about a courtship phase — she will profess a soul mate connection from the moment you meet. 

3. She will overdramatize situations in her life and between the two of you in order to trigger a “rescuer” response (if you're a fool like I've been in the past, you will fall directly into the trap). 

4. She will be highly sensitive and erratic in terms of her day to day (and then eventually minute to minute) emotions being all over the place. Common problems and conflicts will be treated like armageddon. 

5. Her self esteem will be so low, you will need a shovel and a team of excavators to find it. You will be made responsible for maintaining some semblance of it on her behalf (this will feel like trying to fill up a bucket with no bottom). 

Having loved many a borderline (and hopefully many more in the future because I'm a total masochist), I would also say look out for **anyone who leads with their wounds** from the beginning. 

The vast majority of borderlines are also very **attractive** and super **likeable**, so the temptation to fall into her venus fly trap can potentially be very high.

Have you an experience with a woman you suspect of having BPD? Leave your personal experiences in the comments section below.