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Charisma. I call it the great equalizer. 

Wanna know why? Because it Trumps good looks, money, social status ... 

Hell, not even 8% body fat can touch it.

In other words, it's effective, it works and most of all - it's rarely seen in our modern self-absorbed and self-obsessed "Kardashian Culture".

Unfortunately, the shortest program we teach on becoming your most magnetic self is 6 weeks long. 

So a few years ago, I developed a simple 3 step process in order to get new clients results ... fast.

Will it turn you into the people magnet that our 6 week program will overnight?

Of course not.

But I can promise you this much - My 3 step shortcut to making anyone fall for you will absolutely work if you're willing to put in the effort to properly apply it.

(Because fortunately for you and  I ... most people aren't)

So ... Ready to make some magic? Here we go. 


Step 1: Discover what I call their 'attraction strategy'. 

So what the hell's an "attraction strategy" anyway? Well, we all have this list in our minds that has all the basic criteria that we expect a potential love interest to meet before we even think about falling for them.

That means before ever trying to make a person fall for you, do some research.

In this day and age of social media exposing a good 90% of people's personal lives, there's absolutely no excuse not to. 

Find out all the basic information about their background and interests. What archetype did her last couple of boyfriends have? Is she into tatted-up "bad boys" or super geek techies?

What type of girl keeps showing up on his radar? Is she an academic bookworm or a slightly-trashy party chick? (Relax girl. No one's judging.)

Be sure to look for patterns in behavior and preferences. Obviously, the more you know the better.

If I'm interested in a woman, you can bet I've spent at least two hours perusing her Pintrest, Instagram and Facebook page.

This simple research gives me a clear, 3 dimensional look at what makes her tick.

Think that makes me a creep? 

Good. Because the lazier you are, the more attractive you make people like me look who actually care enough to understand the people they're trying to relate to.

If you're still of the mind that love connections in the year 2017 should happen like some mystical Unicorn spontaneously flying down from the heavens, you're not being a romantic ... you're being a fool.

In "The Art of Seduction", author Robert Greene writes that 'To enter a person's soul is absolutely the most seductive thing you can possibly do.'

That's quite possibly the best advice ever given on how to make someone fall for you.

So use it.

Step 2. Determine what I call their 'motivation strategy'.

Many people wonder whether persistence and constant chasing actually works (or if it just makes people want to run for the hills).

The answer to this question depends on what I call their 'motivation strategy'.

The Externally Validated Individual

If the person you’re chasing is the type that's motivation strategy is externally validated, it means that the person mainly relies on something or someone OUTSIDE of themselves to make them feel better or to escape an unhappy place in their life.

Often times, these are the types whose sense of validation comes from how many likes their latest Instagram post garners and/or how many beer goggle-wearing drunks attempt to pick them up at their local dive bar. This type of individual fails to comprehend that the phrases self confidence and self esteem start with the word "self" for a good reason.  

When a person falls into this category, it’s highly likely that they’ll be open to any opportunity to get into a new relationship ... listen closely now ... Especially if they happen to be bored with their lives or unhappy in their current relationship.

Now this is typically where I get asked if going after someone who's already in a relationship is unethical, immoral, will get you sent to hell for eternity, etc.

#1. That's your business, not mine.

#2. According to relationship expert and best selling author Hellen Chen, the vast majority of people you know (85%) are in relationships that they either settled for or are thoroughly miserable in [1]. Kindly draw your own conclusions my friends.

I hate to sound judgmental, but in all good conscience, I'd strongly advise you to avoid getting involved with these types. They're almost invariably the kind of person who looks for quick, temporary fixes and pointless distractions in life rather than actually taking the opportunity to expand, grow and/or improve themselves as individuals.

Such a person is very seldom going to be interested in doing anything to improve your life beyond keeping your bed warm. It's also useful to keep in mind that the type of person who jumps from relationship to relationship is exactly the type of person who's most likely to do the same to you.

The Internally Validated Individual

Conversely, if the person you're desiring has what I call an internal motivation strategy, go ahead and take your happy ass back to step one, make a list of what that person loves most in their life - agree with everything on that list (whether you actually agree or not) - and start showing up as the type of person who's certain to give them more of it.

When internally validated people are looking for a new partner, what they're mostly looking for is someone who understands and appreciates their likes (and dislikes) and is essentially similar to them in most ways.

When the meeting of minds is actually genuine, these types of people make the absolute greatest partners. They'll not only magnify your strengths, but they'll be far more likely to understand, appreciate and be supportive of you when you're at your weakest.

Step 3. Fulfill their unmet need. 

One of the most shocking things I've come to learn since I began coaching men and women back in 2011, is just how many people are unhappy, unfulfilled - and Yes, even LONELY - within the confines of their relationships ... mainly because their partner neither understands (nor cares to understand) who they actually are as a person.

It's a fundamental truth that all human beings fear being alone to one degree or another.

It's also a fundamental truth that most human beings would prefer to stay trapped in relationships that don't serve them - even relationships that are flat-out toxic - because they're afraid of being alone.

The simple fact about humans is that we all come hard-wired with certain basic needs - Needs like certainty (comfort), uncertainty (variety), love and connection and the need to feel significant - inside and outside the boundaries of our intimate relationships.

And we will always find a way to meet those needs ... one way or another.

The first place I look when a couple's relationship is on the rocks is at those four needs - and to what level they're currently being fulfilled by their partner.

If you want to know why 85% of all relationships fail and why we now have a divorce rate of over 67%, it's because most people are flat out selfish when it comes to their partners. Not only do most people never even bother to consider whether they're meeting their partner's needs, they go a step further and actually put their own needs first.

Know what that's called? A ticking time bomb.

Great news for you my friends. You swoop in, discover the unmet need(s) that their partner is too self-absorbed to bother with, and badda-bing ...

The rest is hardly rocket science, ya dig?

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